"With friends you grow wings.  

Alone, you are a single feather in disgrace. With them you master the wind, but alone, you're blown in all directions."

- Rumi


Born along the banks of a river named the 'Mighty Peace' and soul stamped with the surname Root, it is poetic and inspiring to see how my people have been with me in more than just name from the very beginning. And 'oh how I have needed my Ancestors.

My Roots.

Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, initiated me on an archetypal hero's journey as only Pluto can...The sudden death of my husband Lee changed the landscape of my life in unfathomable ways. Everything Changed. It opened a chasm in my heart as wide as the universe. While Pluto may be small, his lessons are deep, transformative and unconditional. The journey into the expanse of my heart has bestowed innumerable and immeasurable blessings and gifts. It has led me on an alchemical journey of transformation and rebirth.


I have discovered tools,modalities, lifelines and new relationships which continually support and uplift me. My medicine bag is filled with passion for; Astrology, Body Talk, HeartSpeak, Shamanism, Traditional Thai Massage, Kundalini Yoga, Family Constellations and Ancestral Repair Workto name a few. I now live, practice, share and wield these skills professionally and personally.

My calling and an emerging way of being is what I refer to as "Downloading Spirit". It is a magical, synchronistic and infinite field. It is what sustains me. My connection to love, spirit, nature and all my relations are an endless source of creativity, joy and fulfillment. 


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