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The Journey Forward

In the book “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss, she tells the story of David Chetlahe Paladin. At the very lowest point in his life, he was told by his ancestors that his spirit was his power, and that he needed to call his entire spirit back to him to heal. I was struck with how sensible this was. Broken into pieces was how I felt and that I had unconsciously misplaced those pieces was, in fact, true. I decided I would symbolically search and retrieve my entire spirit, because true healing would require all of my internal resources. The knowing showed up, as if to say, “Go collect yourself my friend, and then move forward”. I knew that it meant I would need to let go of some big attachments, and unhook from my reasoning behind them. Letting go and letting be.

Ireland 2016

Kirsten - Ireland 2016

The Journey Forward

Today I send this prayer.

I call my spirit back to me,

All the pieces I have lost

Or have given away.

I call my spirit back,

From the place where he left his body,

The moment his spirit took flight

And the part of mine that followed.

I call my spirit back,

From the moments in the past,

The ones I couldn’t get over

And the ones I didn’t let go.

I call my spirit back,

From the places I sent it in the future,

To warn me of what may come,

And to keep me safe.

Today I send this prayer,

To call my entire spirit back,

To live in this body,

To be in this life.

Hawaii 2013

Heather - Hawaii 2013

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