• Kirsten Freeland

The New World

After recently watching every episode of the series "Vikings", I was reminded of my history, my ancestry - my very own viking heritage. Mesmerized by a photo, their stories opened up before me, asking me to remember what I had been told. It seems that back then life was solely about physical survival. Someone died, and life took a hard left (across the Atlantic) for those that remained.

Death - the ultimate status quo disrupter. There's that moment, the moment you know everything has changed forever. Yet knowing and allowing could be seen as the best of allies or the worst of enemies, and the time it takes to reconcile either could last your lifetime. It's really a two part mini-series, letting go of a person and letting go of the life you had built.

Creating a new life for yourself could be considered the greater battle. When there's seemingly nothing wrong with what's left and yet everything is wrong without that one missing piece. How do you understand, or even explain, the necessity of the changes you have to make?

And so,100 years later, it is still about survival. Soul survival. Staying put and your spirit will sink to unreachable depths. There is no way to be sure where you land will be better, or even if you'll speak the language. Yet, braided and tattooed in tribute, seeking light filtered by a new lens, you go. Sourced by a deeper well that holds the vibrations from the past; you take what you can and sail toward the New World.

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