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The Ancestors

And so it would seem this is what happened to me after I listened to Heather's Downloading Spirit session for the New Moon in Capricorn last month.

Thoughts ignited by the session settled into my psyche for further exploration. It was a journey that led me down a rabbit hole of information in my effort to seek a better understanding of the ancestors, and the influence they have in our lives.


I know I had a sense of my ancestors as a child, when imagination readily connects us to the invisible. I remember each time I would visit my grandparent's farm, I would make regular trips across the lawn to the "Old House".

The original house on the property had turned into a resting place for the past, and a gold mine for a curious girl. It seemed to me that everything in the house had something to say. I would enter every room, open every cupboard, sift through every drawer. The unspoken agreement between me and all of these things; I give you my attention - you tell me your story. Unfold the past before me so I might have a better understanding of who I am.

An ancestor is defined as "a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended." Right from the definition there is a distance built into its meaning, as many of us will never have known them. As well, our repression of death creates a massive disconnect from those on the other side of it.

So it may be a stretch of the imagination then, that there may be more to explore or connect with beyond where our lineage originated. The distance and disconnect can diminish how the ancestors to play a part in our lives today. Nothing in common except some DNA, or so it would seem.


In the same likeness that we cannot avoid our own death, we cannot avoid what we inherit from our ancestors. We are not born a blank slate.

Written into our genetic code are a spectrum of characteristics and traits that are often recognisable. Physical strength or weakness, genetic health or illness are more obvious and measurable.

However, layered on top of our genetic code (our epigenetics) are elements of experiences acquired throughout a lifetime that can alter how the genetic codes are expressed. How a life was lived can affect the DNA.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, we are born with a certain amount of ancestral qi (prenatal energy or life-force), which once lost from our bodies, cannot be replaced. And in the essence of inherited energy, what is always more subtle and unmeasurable, is the inheritance of all things healed (resulting in wisdom), and unhealed (resulting in pain).

The unhealed or unprocessed thoughts, emotions and pain of our ancestors will carry forward into the future, potentially resulting in predisposed attitudes, beliefs, or fears for their descendants. The energy (or the issue) will seek a new experience for the opportunity to heal.

So, in the rabbit hole of all things inherited; It is not all goodness and light. There may be darker spots that express themselves through us more than we acknowledge. But really, didn't we know that? In the spaces within ourselves, where knowing is intuited, is it not obvious that energetically we are the effect of our ancestor’s cause in life?

Yet it is not about appointing blame. All of this can just lead us to a new perspective and a new opportunity.


We need both the darkness and the light to become whole. There are many cultures and practitioners who teach healing through the ancestors. The integral work of Ancestral Medicine provides a framework between the living and the dead. It creates a bridge between the physical and the spiritual of a family lineage. It can open up a portal for healing the past, present and future by including seven generations in both directions.

Ancestral Medicine teaches us very practically, and beautifully, that death is not the end. It teaches us how to respect our past and how honouring it is allowing our ancestors to support a process of healing throughout the family line.

The seed of who we are was planted long before we were born and will carry on long after we are gone. The support for our inner growth can extend back in time and forward into the future well over 200 years. When we are actively healing ourselves we are actively healing our tribe. A perspective that may give us a bigger reason, outside of ourselves, to dig a little deeper, even if the journey down the rabbit hole gets a little dark for awhile.

Heal - Tom Odell

Take my mind and take my pain,

like an empty bottle takes the rain.

And heal, heal, heal, heal.

And take my past and take my sins,

like an empty bottle takes the wind.

And heal, heal, heal, heal.

And tell me some things last.

And tell me some things last.

Author's Note: If you are interested in learning more about Ancestral Medicine, there is a lot of information. The work of Dr. Daniel Foor, PhD is not only fascinating but empowering in providing a practical guide to connecting with the Ancestors.

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