• Kirsten Freeland

A Tale Of Two Rings

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

She wore his wedding ring around her neck after he died. Until the day it fell off, at a church, in a foreign land. She took it as a sign to stop wearing it. As if it was suggesting to her that maybe she needed some distance from him, and the trauma of his death. Her delicate heart needing to break free of him for a moment. To breathe on her own.

Having no children to keep such treasures for, no future place holders to consider, she dropped both of their rings into a box, and let them slip out of her mind. 

Nearly seven years had passed when she returned to them again. With time having distilled her sorrow into faith, she followed a calling that lead her to an Alchemist. A woman who could see the sun and the moon within a piece of metal. A woman who could hold the past in her hands and transform it with fire. She lovingly gave this woman his ring, and asked for two in return. One to adorn the light and one to embrace the dark, knowing that both were essential.

Her own ring, she decided, would stay as is. Representing the woman she once was, the woman he married. A symbol of how she would stay with him eternally. So with only the oak trees to bear witness, she lay her ring among his ashes and the earth.

A tale of two rings; from each other - into each other, like the emptiness of death under the fullness of the moon. 

Authors Note: The Alchemist in this story is Beth Gage of Aesoterica, follow her beautiful and unique work on Instagram @aesoterica or visit her Etsy page, aesoterica.etsy.com/

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