• Kirsten Freeland

The Stories She Holds

The stories she holds are plenty.

You can see them

running through her mind,

spread across her body,

you can feel them when she moves.

They are stories of the land, 

where the wild edges hold

the greenest of grass, 

and blackest of dirt.

They are stories of the water,

where she returns to her body

and the reverence for her own life force.

They are stories of the wind, 

as it graces her skin,

wielding her essence into everything

that comes next.

And yet the most profound stories of all, 

are those of her heart.

Cultivated by all the lifetimes,

that pass through her each moment.

All these stories,

could never leave you bored,

nor turn you cold.

All these stories,

you can’t own them, 

nor tell them.

But you can hold her.

You can hold her through them.


© 2018 Evoke Transformation

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